Comodo Dragon 55.0.2883.59

Secure and stable Internet browser for optimal privacy and security

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    Web browsers

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    Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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    7.3 (145)

Comodo Dragon is a free-to-download web browser focused on user privacy and security. It is easy to download, and its layout is comparable to Google's Chrome web browser. Designed to be a competitor to Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon offers a healthy bundle of security features that Chrome and other competing browsers do not.

First, and most importantly, Comodo Dragon does not track its users to the extent that other browsers do. Comodo Dragon's anti-tracking implementations prevent malicious or aggressive advertisers from gaining unwanted access to the user's browsing data. In an era of constant surveillance by companies and government entities, users with desires for basic privacy of browsing will find this a welcoming addition to their web browsing experience.

Furthermore, Comodo Dragon disables numerous exploitable add-ons that are native to Google Chrome and other browsers. Automatic Google searching, automatic bug tracking, Adobe Flash plug-ins and numerous Google app plug-ins are disabled or blocked by default in Comodo Dragon, which gives users the power to choose which plug-ins they wish to share information with.

There are a few downsides to Comodo Dragon that interested users should be aware of. First, the browser is currently only available on Microsoft Windows, meaning users will be vulnerable to all of Microsoft's data collection implementations. MacOS, iOS and Linux users are currently unable to make use of Comodo Dragon. Second, a major security flaw was revealed in Comodo Dragon that Comodo engineers did not quickly resolve. This flaw is a result of Comodo Dragon disabling the "same origin policy" which guards users from malware online.

Pros of Comodo Dragon:

  • Does not track user browsing data
  • Disables exploitable add-ons
  • Allows for DNS server customization

Cons of Comodo Dragon:

  • Major security flaw from disabling “same origin policy”
  • Supported only on Microsoft Windows

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